Case Studies

Emotion Analysis of TV Show Content

Integer1 is a first of its kind content analytics platform for the media industry.

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API Integration and Data Ingestion Platform

We built an orchestration framework and an API integration platform responsible for extracting client-specific data for various media spend channels such as Facebook, Google AdWords, etc. and a lot more

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Diagnosis and Treatment Options Repository

CeeTOC is a web-based consultation platform that helps clinicians with difficult cancer cases to develop new treatment plan outside the standard of care.

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Discovering the True Innovation Potential

InnoStreams is the most comprehensive digital platform to speed new ideas to revenue with built-in decision optimization tools.

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Discover the most disruptive Ideas!

IdeaStreams is a workflow process automation tool to manage the pipeline of ideas and objectively evaluate them for their merits.

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App to Monitor child growth parameters

The pivotal app is an effort to bring about insights based on accurate data gathering and reporting on child grown parameters.

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